LiveContainer 2.0 – Run Unsigned IPA Without Installing (iOS)

LiveContainer 2.0 offers JIT-less support for iOS 17: Those who are passionate about iOS are always looking for ways to sideload apps from sources that are not authorized by Apple. The development of jailbreak tools, IPA installers, and other vulnerabilities, like the one used by TrollStore, is the result of this quest.

LiveContainer IPA Free on iOS
LiveContainer IPA Free on iOS

It is noteworthy that LiveContainer has emerged among these channels. The JIT installation technique is used by this program to get around the iOS app signing procedure. Also, check out – CarTube – Watch YouTube on CarPlay Without Jailbreak.

An Overview of LiveContainer 

Using the JIT installation approach, the LiveContainer project is a program whose main goal is to codesign a bypass for iOS 15 through iOS 17. It is this idea that allows users to run unsigned iOS applications without having to install them on their phones. The key to this success is the use of xpn’s JIT library loading, which allows for tasks like tweak injection to be completed without the need for app reauthorization.

A world of opportunities opens up for you after you’ve managed to sideload the LiveContainer IPA into your iOS device. Installing an infinite number of apps will be possible for you to do without having to jailbreak your device. Sideloading apps onto your iOS device doesn’t even require them to be signed.

Features of LiveContainer 

  • The SideStore bundle ID format changed, making it impossible to find the certificate.
  • JIT-less setup’s inability to locate the certificate is worked around.
  • Identify and correct erroneous code signatures resulting from framework entitlements.
  • On iOS 17, fix the overwriting of NSBundles.
  • Fix several apps’ memory problems.
  • Applications that had a black screen in LiveContainer will now function.
  • iOS 17 with JIT-less support has been added.
  • Upgraded the user interface of the program.
  • To load external changes for guest apps, an option has been added.
  • Repair the software that changed the data folder.
  • Include a protection against executable_path being overwritten. 

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How Can I install LiveContainer IPA?

Visit the official GitHub Releases page to obtain LiveContainer IPA. Still, SideStore or Bullfrog Assistant are the only ways to sideload the IPA. This utility requires the program to be launched before activating JIT, therefore using it with AltStore won’t function. The LiveContainer Source Code and IPA links to the most recent release are provided here.

   Download LiveContainer IPA (LATEST)

  • Install the iPhone’s IPA installer after downloading SideStore(
  • Use the links on this page’s top to get LiveContainer IPA.
  • Utilizing SideStore, sideload LiveContainer IPA.
  • Click the LiveContainer app icon on the Home Screen.
  • Click or tap the + sign located in the top right corner.
  • To install it on your device, choose the IPA files.
  • In the next launch, select the application you wish to open.
  • You can escape and go to SideStore by tapping the play symbol.
  • In SideStore, choose Enable JIT by holding down LiveContainer. 

About the LiveContainer Limitations

Unfortunately, not all programs will work with LiveContainer; the precise list of incompatible programs is still unknown. Doing your testing is the best course of action. The fact that rights from the guest app do not transfer to the host app is another restriction. 

That being said, this might not be a big deal because sideloaded programs usually just require minimal rights. App permissions are assigned globally, impacting all applications. This is very noteworthy.

This issue is made worse by the fact that guest app containers do not have sandboxing, which is something that should be noted. Thus, the possibility of one guest app gaining access to its peers’ data increases. Executable arm64e has not been tested. Employing arm64 binary is advised.

Using GitHub Repository to accommodate its files, LiveContainer was made available as an open-source project. There is a small amount of source code written in C and most of it is in Objective-C. LiveContainer, which is installable on your iPhone, was built by Duy Tran Khanh.

The Compatibility of LiveContainer 

Sadly, not every program functions well in LiveContainer. To identify which apps may be having problems, we offer a compatibility list. This list is probably going to run if they aren’t on it. But please raise a problem if it doesn’t function.

About the Usage 

In both JIT and JIT-less modes, requires SideStore.

  • Select the Actions tab to build from the source or download a prebuilt IPA.
  • Choose which IPA files to install by opening LiveContainer, and tapping the + sign in the top right corner.
  • In the next launch, select the application you wish to open. 

With JIT

  • You can escape and go to SideStore by tapping the play symbol.
  • In SideStore, choose Enable JIT by holding down LiveContainer. When the guest app is operational and JIT enabled, it returns to LiveContainer if your SideStore build supports the JIT URL scheme.

Without JIT

  • Once, JIT-less mode must be configured. Click “Setup JIT-less” and follow the on-screen directions to do this.
  • When the play icon is tapped, LiveContainer with the guest app loaded will try to restart.

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In summary, the article above has covered the essential information of LiveContainer. Though it’s not yet complete, you may manually install adjustments by following the GitHub Guide. The external tweak functionality can be installed.

Thank You.

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