10 Best TrollStore Alternatives – (Similar App Stores FREE)

TrollStore Alternatives – Similar Apps like TrollStore: Installing applications and games permanently without any restrictions is possible using TrollStore, one of the most sought-after utilities for iOS 17. However, things get tricky: even if TrollStore works with iOS 17.0, no installers are available for this version. updates via OTA? It’s no longer an option.

However, an Excellent alternative for TrollStore for iOS 17 is several programs enable you to install IPA files on your iPhone. Let us see all of them in detail. You can also, check out – CarTube – Watch YouTube on CarPlay Without Jailbreak.

  • LiveContainer

The closest approximation to a TrollStore iOS 17 is LiveContainer. Several applications can be used without needing to be signed because this app runs in a sandbox environment. 


This IPA installer requires some setup before it can be installed, but the advantages make the work worthwhile. JIT-less, a novel technique that enables users to install an infinite number of programs on iOS 17 through iOS 17.4.1, is introduced by LiveContainer 2.0.

  • AltStore PAL

The first App Store for European Union customers using iOS 17.4 or later that has been officially certified by Apple is called AltStore PAL. You can install programs from third parties that the App Store does not permit. 

AltStore PAL

No, you cannot install your own IPA files with this software; it is not a sideloading application like AltStore. There are no modified programs, games, ad-free apps, free premium features, etc. since every app on AltStore PAL has to be approved by the store itself. 

  • SideStore

Also, a fantastic TrollStore alternative for iOS 17 is SideStore. You may sign IPA files directly on your device using this IPA installer, which is a customized version of AltStore.


Installing IPA files on iOS 17 without requiring a computer or a jailbroken environment is its primary benefit over AltStore. Nevertheless, sideloading the software on your iPhone or iPad through the SideStore installation process necessitates a PC or Mac.

  • AltStore

The first IPA installer for iOS was AltStore, which allowed users to sideload any program onto their iPhones and essentially avoid the program Store once Cydia Impactor was discontinued.

AltStore PAL

From iOS 12.2 to the most recent iOS 17, AltStore is compatible with iOS versions. Users may sign and install IPA files without any limitations with this version, in contrast to AltStore PAL. 

  • Sideloadly 

Additional IPA signing and installation software that is built on the AltStore source code is called Sideloadly. The key benefits are its easy-to-use interface and other functionality like tweak injection for IPA files.


Sideloadly supports iOS 17, much like all the other TrollStore alternatives listed. We should definitely check out this – Error Fix* – Installing TrollStore: TrollStore Helper Returned 1 (Working Now).

  • FlekStore 

With support for all devices, FlekStore is among the greatest third-party App Stores for iOS 17. A variety of programs, including modified and hacked games, may be installed by users through this premium service. FlekStore

FlekStore’s ability for on-device sideloading IPA files is one of its best features. All devices support direct browser installation of the store itself.

  • Esign

Among the most well-liked IPA installers for iOS 17 is presumably Esign. Additionally, it provides an Esign TrollStore Edition, which is tweaked injection-based and has more functionality than TrollStore.

E Sign IPA Installer

Upon installation on iOS, Esign enables users to import files, extract archives, import applications into App Library or install IPA, utilize the integrated HEX editor to open the chosen file, access IPa repositories, and much more. Do check out – TrollRecorder – Get iPhone Call Recorder No Jailbreak (Free).

  • GBox

Great alternatives for TrollStore and Esign on iOS 17 include GBox. It provides permanent software installation functionality for iOS devices and a specific GBox TrollStore version, just like Esign.

GBox IPA Installer

Importing a mobile provision file and p12 certificate onto your iOS device is necessary to sign IPA files using this IPA installation utility. 

  • Bullfrog Assistant

An IPA installer for iOS 17 that uses a free Apple ID is called Bullfrog Assistant. To install up to three applications for free on any iOS 17-compatible device, use this free alternative for TrollStore.

Bullfrog Assistant Installer

The iPhone’s on-device IPA signing program must be installed before using this utility, which operates without a PC. 

  • Scarlet 

Finally, Scarlet is also built on AltStore, so it’s not the least. Users may utilize Scarlet’s free developer certificate to sideload software as an alternative to TrollStore. With its extensive feature list of compatible sources.

Scarlet App Installer

Scarlet is an effective solution for installing third-party programs on your iOS device. It is easy for you to download and install jailbreak tools, ++ applications, and emulators on your smartphone thanks to the app’s preloaded list.

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To summarise, from the above article we have encountered all 10 best alternative apps for TrollStore iOS 17. We hope this article might help iOS users find the best and genuine TrollStore alternatives. 

Fortunately, most of these apps are secure, utilising iOS vulnerabilities lowers device security and leaves your device vulnerable to unexpected behavior, instability, and bugs. If you have any queries feel free to ask us. 

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