CarTube – Watch YouTube on CarPlay Without Jailbreak ✔️

You can watch your preferred YouTube material on the large screen of your automobile thanks to the game-changing app CarTube. If you’re a regular YouTube user and enjoy watching videos on the fly, CarTube is the CarPlay solution you’ve been looking for.

YouTube is not one of the CarPlay-compatible applications currently available. Why that is is very clear; it seems like a recipe for disaster to be allowed to watch YouTube videos while operating a motor vehicle. Let us get into the article to grab more info about CarTube.

What is CarTube?

Utilizing the official application for YouTube on CarPlay is made possible by the new app CarTube for TrollStore. It works with all TrollStore-compatible iOS 14 to iOS 15.4.1 devices. You may view and listen to your preferred YouTube channels on the screen of your car thanks to this software.

CarTube IPA - YouTube CarPlay on iPhone FREE
CarTube IPA – YouTube CarPlay on iPhone FREE

CarPlay is a function that lets drivers use the infotainment system of their cars to operate their iPhones and their apps. Along with Siri’s voice control, it provides hands-free navigation, phone calls, music, and texting. Additionally, CarPlay offers a safer way to use an iPhone in a vehicle, minimizing distractions while driving. With CarTube, you can now also use YouTube.

CarTube Features

You may use YouTube while driving using the CarTube CarPlay app, which is a complete YouTube solution. The following characteristics stand out as being important:

  • An easy YouTube experience: Use CarTube to browse, search, and watch videos with ease.
  • Bypass age restrictions by using CarTube to access content that might be limited based on your age.
  • Easy backward and forward navigation: Simply swipe left or right on the screen.
  • This app functions on any iOS or Android device that’s compatible with TrollStore without the need for a jailbreak.
  • Ad-free viewing: Use CarTube to stop obtrusive advertisements from ruining your experience.
  • The system features that are integrated into the app: CarTube provides a “Play on CarPlay” share extension and a fast paste feature for any copied YouTube URLs.
  • Skip sponsored content: By using SponsorBlock, you can easily skip any sponsored portions you come across.
  • Smooth transition: CarTube will continue where it left off if you were streaming content on the YouTube app before getting in your car.

YouTube App for CarPlay - CarTube for iOS

Compatibility – 

iOS Versions – 
  • iOS 14 to iOS 15.5 beta 4
  • iOS 15.6 beta 1 to beta 5
iPhone Models – 
  • iPhone 15: iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max.
  • iPhone 14: iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Plus, 14 Pro Max.
  • iPhone  13: iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 Mini.
  • iPhone 12: 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini, 12.
  • iPhone 11: 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, Mini.
  • iPhone X: X, XS Max, XR.
  • iPhone 6: 6, 6S Plus, 6 Plus.
  • iPhone 5s.

CarTube IPA Download on iOS – TrollStore

You may easily download and install the CarTube IPA app on your iOS device. Just carry out these easy steps.

  • On a smartphone running iOS 14 or iOS 15, make sure the TrollStore app is installed.

   Download TrollStore App

  • Get the most recent CarTube IPA version and store it on your iCloud.

   Download CarTube IPA

   Download CarTube TIPA

  • The TrollStore app should receive the downloaded IPA file.
  • Select “Install” to install the CarTube IPA app.

Install CarTube IPA on iOS with TrollStore

  • Once the file is loaded, CarTube will be installed immediately by the TrollStore App.
  • The end is here! The home screen of your device can now be used to view CarTube.

CarTube - YouTube CarPlay IPA on iPhone

  • With CarTube, you can access all of your preferred YouTube videos while on the move. Start right away.

CarTube IPA App - YouTube for CarPlay


Q - What distinguishes CarTube for iOS?

With its native player and the ability to play ALL videos, comments, and playlists, CarTube for iOS provides a distinctive user experience while also being more streamlined.

Q - Is a jailbreak required to utilize CarTube for iOS?

It is possible to utilize CarTube on iOS without a jailbreak.

Q - Is CarTube for iOS downloadable through the App Store?

No, CarTube for iOS is exclusively accessible via TrollStore.

Q - Is there a zoom feature in CarTube for iOS?

Yes, the zoom in tool on CarTube for iOS is more effective and accurately scales material.

Q - Is there a way to get around the age limit on CarTube for iOS?

There is an option to get around the age limit in CarTube for iOS.

Q - Has the “Play on CarPlay” feature been added to CarTube for iOS?

The “Play on CarPlay” share extension for the iOS version of CarTube is compatible with the YouTube app.

Q - Has an ad blocker been added to CarTube for iOS?

Ad blocking is available in testing on CarTube for iOS.

Q - The “uploader disabled embedding” bug has been fixed for CarTube for iOS, right?

All videos should now play because CarTube 1.02 corrected the “uploader disabled embedding” problem.

Q - Is there a remedy for the problematic keyboard bar in CarTube for iOS?

The glitchy keyboard bar has indeed been repaired in CarTube for iOS.

Q - Has CarTube for iOS resolved the page zoom problem with Google sign in?

The zoom issue with the Google sign in page has been resolved in CarTube for iOS.

Q - Does Siri breaking the persistence helper have a patch in CarTube for iOS?

Yes, CarTube for iOS has made a few minor adjustments to the persistence helper so that Siri won’t break it anymore.

Q - Does the terrible scrolling experience on CarTube for iOS have a fix?

Yes, the terrible scrolling experience on CarTube for iOS has been addressed.

Q - How do I access TrollStore’s CarTube for iOS download?

Find the CarTube IPA app on the TrollStore platform, and then click “Download” to get CarTube for iOS.

Q - Do all iOS devices support CarTube for iOS?

For details about specific device compatibility, please visit the TrollStore platform. CarTube for iOS may not work with all iOS devices.

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Conclusion – CarTube IPA Free Download on iOS – YouTube for CarPlay

To summarize, from the above-given article we have seen all the primitive information like the downloading process of the CarTube for iOS along with amazing features. If you opt to install CarTube, refer to this article.

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  1. For those wondering: I was able to install CarTube to my iPhone on iOS 17.1 by using Sideloadly. But it still won’t work. You can open the app on your phone, but the CarTube icon won’t be there when you go on CarPlay


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