Best TrollStore Apps for every iPhone User [2023]

If you are here, you already know that TrollStore helps you to permanently sign and install IPAs on iPhone/iPad running on iOS 14.0 to iOS 15.4.1.

 Best TrollStore Apps

Below, we have compiled a list of apps that, as a TrollStore user, you must install on your iPhone. Feel free to add more to the list via the comments section.

Must have apps for every iPhone user – TrollStore Apps


With the help of this app, you can modify the IPA file and install clones for various applications. As an example, suppose you have more than one Snapchat account. You can install as many Snapchat clone apps on your iPhone as many accounts you have.


This task involves changing the Bundle ID of the IPA file, which, undoubtedly, is a tough task for someone who does not know development. This app helps you clone any IPA file easily.

CarTube for TrollStore

Due to laws, you cannot watch YouTube Videos on a Car Play-enabled entertainment system in your vehicle.


However, if you are ready to risk it, you can install CarTube for TrollStore. This IPA will bring up a YouTube App on your infotainment system, which you can open and enjoy on Car Play.

Evyrest – Change Wallpaper Automatically

You can set your iOS devices’ wallpaper to change automatically on iOS 16. However, the same is not true for iOS 15 or lower. Hence, if you want the same functionality on your iPhone running TrollStore on it, you can choose Evyrest.



With the help of AppStore++, you can alter the versions of the apps that you are installing on your iPhone. In short, AppStore++ is the best way to downgrade any app you want. You can upgrade as well.


Hence, if you are facing any compatibility issues with an application while installing it on your iPhone, you can try downgrading its version with the help of AppStore++ and then proceed with the installation.

Deb to IPA App

As you are already aware, TrollStore accepts IPA files for installation. However, you might have some apps that you wish to install on your iPhone that come in a Deb package. As it is clear from the name, with the help of Deb to IPA App, you can convert these Deb packages into IPA or TIPA files.


That way you can easily install these Deb packages via TrollStore on your iPhone.


You will love this app if you store your credit cards in your Apple Wallet. With the help of the Cardio App, you can change the face of your stored credit cards to any picture of your choice.


Earlier, this was not possible without jailbreak. However, the Cardio app made it possible without jailbreak.

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Best TrollStore Apps on iOS

When compared to other iOS IPA signers that are comparable, this one is undoubtedly the most exceptional solution available. It’s worth trying and installing your favourite apps that are listed above.

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